Monday, September 19, 2011

Days 2, 3, 4, and 5

The Photography challenge is going ok.  I am definitely more conscious of picking up the camera now.  The problem is I think I'm trying too hard.  I'm trying to do different angles and playing with the settings on my camera.  These are good things, but I'm messing it all up.  I honestly think the best picture I've taken this week was one I took with my iPhone!  Oh my...I REALLY need to learn how to use my camera better.  Oh well, I may not be a professional, but at least I'll have pictures of my girls throughout their childhood.  I just feel like I need to be using my camera to its full potential and keeping it on auto (because I mess up everything when I adjust the settings) is giving me "point and shoot" results. 

Ok, I'm going to stop complaining about my lack of skills now.  :)  Enjoy the photos!

Day 2:  What you wore today.

 It's a pretty plain shirt so I had to focus on the "pretty".  :)

Day 3:  Clouds

I hadn't looked at what the challenge was for the day until it was already dark outside.  Oops!  Thank God it was such a gorgeous morning with interesting clouds first thing in the morning.  I snapped this shot with my cell phone!

Day 4:  Something green

This is my sweet gardenia that we planted a few months ago.  The poor thing gets so many buds but they quickly turn brownish black and fall off.  I had to capture a picture of it while it was still green!

Day 5:  From a high angle

If you consider standing on a chair in front of the loveseat a "high" angle :)  I love that I was able to capture this rare moment of my girls loving each other!

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