Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The One with all the Bragging

I LOVE my girls.  I mean, I'm so madly in love with them I can't even stand it.  They are the light of my world.  They're the smartest little girls that ever existed.  They are sweet and thoughtful and caring.  I'm taking this post to brag on my babies for a few minutes. 

My three year old is so imaginitive.  Give this kid a cardboard box and a wooden spoon and she'll take you on adventures you never thought possible.  She's a princess, a ballerina and a mommy.  She's a pirate, she's a firefighter, she's an animal rescuer.  She will cook you a gourmet meal in her toy kitchen, pack it up and take you on a picnic.  She will fix you up in her doctor's office if you ever have a boo boo.  She takes such good care of her puppies in her vet clinic.  She colors pictures in such detail and tells the story that goes along with it.  She dances and plays and runs around like crazy, all of it with purpose.  She savors every minute of her life.  She loves who she is.  She sets a good example to me.  She shows me how to love, how to appreciate the little things, how to "stop and smell the roses"...literally! 

My one year old shows love with a passion.  She is the most affectionate baby I've ever known.  She greets me in the morning with a big smile, a sweet kiss, and a hug that I can feel in the core of my soul.  This is honest love.  This is how everyone should love.  She loves me for me.  She doesn't care if I'm a few pounds overweight, she doesn't care if I fix her mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner every night (I don't!), she doesn't care if my kitchen is a mess and laundry is left unfolded in baskets for weeks.  She just loves.  Unconditionally.

My girls are such a blessing to me.  I'm so blessed that God loves me enough to let me be their mommy.  I don't always remember how blessed I am with the day-in, day-out routine that gets very mundane, but I always know it.  I've been trying so hard to set aside time for my girls.  It's easy to get wrapped up in being a homemaker.  I need to remember what I call myself...a stay at home MOM.  I need to be a mom first.  These babies mean the world to me and I need to show them how much they mean to me, just like they show their love for me.

One quick quote from my big girl:

She was outside playing with ice (which quickly turned to water) and she told me, "Mommy, I sawed a bug in my water in my red bowl so I hit it with this spoon. And that bug said, "ouch, M. That hurted me." And then the bug stopped being alive. He died."

And a quote from my little one:
"go go go go go go" (to the dog)  :)

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